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Pre-Natal Massage Therapy: Help For The Final Months

Most pregnant women would agree: the last two to three months of pregnancy are the hardest.  That is when the baby is the heaviest, and all of the physical problems start manifesting themselves.  At that time, it becomes more difficult to breathe because the baby is taking up the space where your lungs belong.  Heartburn becomes a daily companion since the esophagus is compressed by the baby.
pregnant belly by Photos By Lina flickr
And then there is the lower back pain.  No one can forget the lower back pain toward the end of pregnancy.  The baby is heavy, and all of the pulling on the front of the body causes pain in the hips, sides, and lower back of the body.  Posture doesn’t help either, as when there is that much weight on the front of the body, the tendency is to lean backward and sort of waddle when walking.  This puts strain on the whole hip area, making walking and other everyday activities more difficult.

The biggest problem that I find with pregnant women is that, if someone does not correct their posture and help with the back pain that they are experiencing during the pregnancy while they are pregnant, the  pain can become chronic and long term.  This is something that every woman would like to avoid, and this is why pre-natal massage, in addition to post-natal massage, is so important to the pregnant woman.

With pre-natal massage, many of these issues can be addressed before they become chronic.  Postural education can help the pregnant woman to stand properly during the last few months, preventing some of the pain that occurs with pregnancy.  While at the same time, pre-natal massage therapy can help to address the pains and problems that the pregnant woman is already experiencing.

If you are interested in learning more about pre- and post-natal massage, or to book a session, please visit our website by clicking here.
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